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catholic news agency, 16 july 2019

Pro-life women deliver semi-truck full of supplies, $72,000 to the border

The heat index in McAllen, Texas was 125 degrees on Saturday, but that did not stop members of the pro-life movement from delivering a semi-truck full of supplies and thousands of dollars in aid to respite centers at the border of the United States and Mexico.

yahoo news, 8 july 2019

ProLife Women Travel to the Border, with Supplies

‘As pro-lifers we must stand with the vulnerable wherever and whenever we see them suffering.” Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa is founder of the New Wave Feminists, and she is explaining to me how she came to be involved — not for the first time — in organizing a fundraising drive for supplies for asylum seekers at the border.




In under one week, pro-life groups raised almost $50,000 to help mothers and babies at the border

"If I lived in a world where abortion was unthinkable but hunger, homelessness, and hopelessness all increased, would I have accomplished my pro-life mission?" Whitehead asked. "If I really want to care about people, then I have to live that out."

"I don't think there's any talking point that's going to prove that to anyone," Whitehead said, adding that she believes that actions like these are the best way to change people's minds.

glenn beck best of the program, 3 july 2019

Guest: Abby Johnson

"I encourage us as a movement to not just be against abortion. Let's be a movement that is FOR more than we are against," Johnson said in a Facebook post last week. "Let's be a movement that reaches out to those who need our physical and emotional assistance…whether those people are walking into an abortion clinic, at the border, or are homeless."


National Review, 8 July 2019


ProLife Women Travel to the Border, with Supplies

Over 50 nonprofit organizations are partnering with us to help meet the basic needs of families at the border… Our generous donors maxed out the first Amazon wish list so quickly, we had to stop accepting in-kind donations because we didn’t have a van big enough to fit everything.

Just before Independence Day, that need was answered by a sponsor with a trucking company who offered to donate an 18-wheeler and a driver. “I’ve worked for non-profits for a decade,” Lamb says, “and this is my first experience of an in-kind donation of 18-wheeler. We are stoked.”

Catholic news agency, 28 june 2019

People not Politics: Pro-Life groups unite to send aid to the border

“It’s not a political issue, it’s a people issue. And so if we care about the human dignity of the child in the womb, then we also care about the human dignity of the migrant. We care about the human dignity of all people, and that’s because we subscribe to the consistent life ethic…”



newsmax, 3 july 2019

Pro-Lifers Act as Congress Gripes, Stagnates

Pro-life activists have been trying to ease the escalating border crisis for months, while Congress has largely ignored it. Maybe it’s time for them to switch roles.

western journal, 2 july 2019

Pro-Life Groups Quietly Make Massive Impact at the Border

“Let’s always strive to be a movement of love, redemption and hope. Let’s not only focus on the unborn, but instead focus on all of those who desperately need protection and support. Let’s not be pro-birth. Let’s truly be prolife,” she wrote.

It’s ambitious, but it just might work — and it’s showing the world that stereotypes about conservatives don’t match the compassionate reality.


EWTN nightly news, 10 July 2019

Pro-Life Women Help Asylum Seekers with Bottles to the Border