Our human dignity doesn’t begin at birth and it doesn’t end at the border…

~ Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa, founder New Wave Feminists


We’re setting politics aside. We’re just helping people.

#Bottles2TheBorder is a combined effort of over 50 organizations working together to provide basic necessities for mothers, children, and families as they seek asylum at the southern border of the United States. Our coordinators work with humanitarian respite centers by providing bottles, formula, diapers, wipes, nursing supplies, feminine hygiene products, and more to the people they serve.

Help us help people.

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A word from Abby Johnson…

I encourage us as a movement to not just be against abortion.

Let’s be a movement that is FOR more than we are against. Let’s be for human dignity, in all stages, in all countries. 
Let’s be for supporting moms and their families. 
Let’s be for healing hearts and those who have been wounded. 
Let’s be encouragers to those who are lighting holy fires in their communities, families and their circles of influence. Let’s be a movement that reaches out to those who need our physical and emotional assistance...whether those people are walking into an abortion clinic, at the border, or are homeless. 
Let’s always pray for one another instead of throwing ugly words or hate at one another.

Let’s always strive to be a movement of love, redemption and hope. Let’s not only focus on the unborn, but instead focus on all of those who desperately need protection and support. Let’s not be pro-birth. Let’s truly be pro-life.